Zelik Adventures

A journey to know yourself

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[NEW] In occasion of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Zelik Adventures is available for all the championship length in a new vest dedicated to the world of football. New disguises and items have been added to the many already in the game: football balls, flags and many others! At the end of your journey you will be able to find out what kind of supporter you are!

How well do you know yourself? Zelik Adventures is a platform game about an alien and his journey to find his own self. The game allows the player to perform a personality test in a new and amusing way.

Exploring several of levels of increasing difficulty, the player will learn to survive on an unknown planet inhabited by strange creatures.

The key to succeed is finding the correct disguise, to blend in with the local population and be allowed to talk with the Sages of the Planet. Thanks to their puzzling questions and their wise knowledge of human behavior, it will be possible to for the player to explore the nature of the his or her personality.

At the end of the journey the player will receive a final response about his own self, which can be shared with Facebook friends.


  • Free to play, no ads
  • Thousands of possible disguises
  • 60 questions and a final response about the gamer's personality
  • Facebook sharing system
  • User friendly fantasy game environment
  • Easy to play, hard to handle
  • How-to tutorial level
  • Increasingly challenging levels

About us

We are TecnAgon S.r.l., a small independent communication company. We are devoted to finding and exploiting new ways of conveying information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, and art. We make games because we think they are the frontier of cybercommunication. We make games also because we love to play them.

You can find us in the cyberspace or, if you prefer, at 41į54'26''N 12į29'41''E on Planet Earth

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TecnAgon S.r.l.

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Selected Reviews and Articles

Leo Hi-Tech
"The game is very well done, easy to play, with captivating graphics and very interesting game dynamics."

AVR Magazine
"I found hilarious the humans running away at my sight, as well as the disguises of some aliens who, unbeknown to the human race, work and live on Earth."

iPhone Mom
"If you would like to share a fun game all about disguises and blending in with your child, be sure to check out Zelik Adventures!"

Chelsea Daft
"New disguises and items have been added to the many already in the game, allowing players to find out at the end of their journey what kind of supporter they are."



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System Requirements Android

  • Minimum Resolution: 800x480
  • Android 2.3.3
  • 512MB RAM

System Requirements iOS

  • iPhone 4s or better
  • iPad2 or better


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